About Us – Zen Boutique Villa Hoi An
Boasting numerous beautiful beaches on the Southeast Asia Sea and many fascinating inland waterways, Hoi An shares a delightful blend of ancient, traditional and modern lifestyles in a wonderful setting, only a half hour away from Da Nang International Airport. The town offers numerous accommodations, from glitzy 5-star resorts to quaint homestays. Here, we want to introduce you to one of the newest attractions, the peaceful Zen Boutique Villa. Your true home is in the here and the now.

Zen Boutique Villa in Hoi An is designed in a luxurious style, gentle, delicate and simple. The Zen villa space is adorned with simple color, white mainstream. Provides full facilities for the user.

ZenVilla was envisioned and designed with the philosophy that tourists in the area have many more sights and activities than they could ever hope to partake of during even a month-long sojourn. Their visit could very well become a whirlwind of rushing from one attraction to another. The Zen Villa was designed to be an oasis of peace and harmony, where guests can just relax and unwind between activities, where they can be totally at peace, and perhaps even experience some of the spiritual benefits of Zen Buddhism.

Moreover, with the concept of the Zen circle, we wish to serve meaningful meals here, for your mind as well as for your body. You might be surprised to find yourself nourished in both body and spirit as you take a calming break from your busy pace. You will experience that by enjoying fresh veggies grown in the Zen garden, comforting, delicious meals, fruits and refreshments, by soothing music, your relaxing accommodations, and even by meditation.

Zen Boutique Villa is located right in Hoi An, on the edge of extensive scenic rice fields.

You can almost see Tra Que Vegetable Village out your balcony, yet you are still within walking or bicycle distance from the ancient town center.

Only recently revealed, but Zen Villa Hoi An has melted the hearts of many world travelers and young people in Vietnam. With its prime location, 87 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, right in the heart of Hoi An city, Zen Villa is just 5 minutes from the The ancient town of Hoi An, which promises to be an ideal place to stay, discover your Hoi An tourism.

Zen Boutique Villa located on the edge of extensive scenic rice fields, yet still within walking or bicycle distance of the ancient town center.
It is of brand new construction, nine units in three blocks, built along traditional lines using beautiful tropical hardwoods and stone, yet incorporating such convience amenities, state of the art bathroom facilities, a lovely swimming pool covered by a wooden roof and the green fence around with chilly restaurant/café beside.